Madrid Gay Saunas 2018

Gay Saunas are popular in Madrid, year round. Each sauna attracts a different clientele from Bears to Latin Hunks.

Gay Saunas in Madrid

Our guide to gay saunas in Madrid.

So, you’ve been to the clubs, the bars and you still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Or you fancy a steamy encounter with some hot latin guy in a hot tub? Well then Madrid has a gay sauna for you.

There are a dozen or so Gay Saunas in Madrid, each catering to a different audience, some for younger guys, some for rent boys… here’s our lowdown on the most popular.

Sauna Paraiso (Calle Norte 15) is one of the oldest Gay Saunas in Madrid and is quite popular. It has an underground pool a large space with two hot tubs and a sauna and steam room. There is a small bar with drinks and a television. There are also cabins and a dungeon room with a sling.

Sauna Adan on San Bernardo 39 is full of hunky South Americans in their skimpy towels. These boys are not afraid to show off what’s on offer! All will approach you and ask if you want a massage… but be prepared to pay! If thats fo you, ten you are in heaven.

Sauna Octopus is one of the newest Gay Saunas in Madrid. Just minutes from Chueca (nearest Tube is Tribunal), the club is split into two. Upstairs offers private rooms whilst downstairs has a bar with a glass roof where you can watch naked men in the swimming pool as you relax and sip a cocktail. All of the showers also have glass dividers.

Sauna Principe is popular with Bears and their admirers. Most of the Gay Saunas have a cover charge which vary depending on the day and time you visit. Prices vary between EUR 11 and EUR 15.

  • Our Favourite

    Sauna Paraiso is Mardid’s most popular sauna. Its clean and well worth the EUR 10 entrance fee.

  • When to go?

    Saunas in Europe tend to get busier earlier and during the weekdays mostly after work, so post 8pm. During the weekends check out the flyers in the bars promoting special parties or events as well as special offers on entrance feeds.

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Gay Saunas in MADRID

Browse the saunas below, and find the one closet to you on the map!

Map of Madrid Gay Saunas

Saunas in Madrid are spread out across the city. The centre ones are busy all week long, especially after work.


Recommended Hotels in Madrid

If you can, try and get a hotel as close to Chueca as possible, right near all of the gay bars and clubs. Madrid has some stunning designer hotels especially along Gran Via.

Senator Gran Vía 21
Great Location

Senator Gran Via Madrid

Central location in a historic building, with a pretty central courtyard and fountain.

Hotel De Las Letras
Great Design Hotel

Design hotel offers a rooftop terrace with a stylish bar and spectacular views .

Room Mate Oscar
In Checa! – Perfect

Room Mate Oscar Madrid

Right in the heart of the gay area of Chueca, perfect location.

H10 Villa de la Reina
Style on Gran Via

H10 Vukka de la Reina Madrid

Ideal location on Madrid’s central Gran Vía and free Wi-Fi internet

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