Gay Cruising & Sex in Madrid

Where to Hook up with Guys in Madrid

Madrid men have a relaxed attitude towards sex and sexual encounters. From Saunas to Cruise clubs, outdoors and beyond, there’s a sexy latin guy waiting to have fun with you in the city that never sleeps.

Spain is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to gay rights, The age of consent is 13 for both hetrosexuals and homosexuals. Same-sex marriage is legal. Same-sex couples can adopt children. Gay men can serve openly in the military. There are anti-discrimination laws in employment, provision of goods and services and against hate speech.

Cruising in Madrid

Although apps like Grindr and Manhunt are increasingly popular for meeting guys, outdoor cruising, saunas and sex parties are still popular in Madrid.

The cruising, fetish and party scene is well established in the city, with major events such as My Pleasure Fetish Party, Into The Tank and Mad Bears and other fetish circuit events taking place throughout the year.

Cruising in public is popular during the hot summer months but has been replaced mostly by guys hooking up on dating apps. As always exercise caution when cruising and leave your valuables at home. Prostitution is illegal in Spain, but is still practiced. Street prostitution is illegal. Most guys tend to meet escorts online via sites such as rentboy.

Outdoor Cruising

Manzanares River


The Manzanares River is a popular place to cruise guys as they run, or rollerblade along the riverbank.

Gay Madrid has plenty of cruising spots… from shopping centres to train stations… you can find hot guys checking eachother out all over town! However there are some main areas where cruising is pretty obvious…and you can find what you are looking for, if you are in the right place.

As you stroll from one end of the river to the other, you will find guys running, rollerblading and, you guessed it, cruising. Grab a seat and sit back if someone catches your eye… the rest is up to you!

Parque del Oeste

Parc de Oueste

Parc de Oueste near the Romantic Gardens is busy, especially during the Summer months.

Parks are always popular…. The Parque del Oeste is busy throughout the day, especially by the Romantic Gardens.

Parque del Campo de las Naciones

Check out the young guys cruising by the bridge leading to the auditorium… and you will see plenty of action…. be careful though, especially when there are large events taking place…

Parque Casa de Campo

At night the road leading from the lake to the top of the hills is quite cruisy, once you pass the straight prostitutes, head for the top of the hill, where you will find parked cars with guys waiting to have fun!

As you stroll from one end of the river to the other, you will find guys running, rollerblading and, you guessed it, cruising. Grab a seat and sit back if someone catches your eye… the rest is up to you!

Parque del Retiro

Fallen Angel Fountain

The Fallen Angel Fountain in the Retiro Park in Madrid, a popular cruising spot year-round.

When you see the Fallen Angel Fountain, just watch the amount of times a guy walks around it…. you know whats going on!

Plaza de toros de la venta


The area around Plaza De Toros is a popular cruising area, especially in the late afternoons.

Bullfighting isn’t the only thing that goes on here…. at night if you see a car pass by a couple of times, then they are probably cruising for fun..


Saunas tend to get busy during the week after locals finish work from around 8pm and later on weekends after guys have finished clubbing. Check out our Saunas guide for more details

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